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Question asked by Ricston Admin 7 years ago

Hi, I am trying to set up ClearBooks for Company that operates and is registered in Malta. One of the main things I need to change - is VAT rates. I have found a support article re this topic:

I've Added a Custom scheme, but I still can't see the "Sales Tax" tab under "Settings". I tried to log out and login as well. Could you kindly assist me? Where can I set up different tax rates?

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Hi Ricston,

From your screenshot the first VAT scheme you set up would give you the following VAT rates on invoices and bills:


I think this scheme is still open so might be conflicting with the custom scheme you have added. If you need more than the VAT rates above just delete both schemes and add the custom scheme solely. This should bring up the sales tax menu - if there are any problems though just let me know.

I didn't know that the system has Maltese VAT rates in default settings, when Malta is chosen. Should work well, otherwise will use the second option you pointed out.

Thank you!

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