Can I create an invoice to send to a customer based on an employee Expense claim?

Question asked by Ian Akers 7 years ago

Hi - I have an employee who does services works for a customer i.e. My company is selling my employee's services to my customer. Part of the contract with the customer states that we can reclaim travel expenses when they have to go to a location other than the office. The expenses are paid for by the employee and then reclaimed from my company.

So - we've created an Expense claim within Clearbooks for the employee to reclaim the expenses from my company, but my company now needs to reclaim the expenses from the Customer. The way I've been doing this so far is to manually create a new Invoice for the customer and re-add the expense details to the invoice... it's all very manual and essentially (because it's me that's entering both Expenses and Invoices) I'm having to create the information twice.

So my question is - can I select an existing Expense claim and tick a box somewhere that says "Generate customer Invoice" that will port across all the Expense information and attachments into a new customer invoice?

I hope this all makes sense!? Any guidance would be very much appreciated!

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Settings > Config > Toggles

Features > Recharge costs [tick]

Sales > Recharge costs

Filter by employee > Tick appropriate expense claim > Add to

Should be self explanatory from there on in...

You utter genius! Thank you!

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