Void Purchases / Bills - bills in void list when I haven't voided them

Question asked by Paul Barnes 6 years ago

I just checked the Void list on the Purchases section and nearly fell over!!

It looks to me like any editing of bills I have done results in the old version of the bill being logged in the Void section. For example I entered an HMRC bill for PAYE, saved it etc. Then went back in and changed the reference number - the bill number, payee, amount etc were all the same. But now I see the old version in the Void list (showing that purchase number as voided) and the new version in the bills list.

Wouldn't this create confusion for anyone trying to audit the accounts?

Using the real numbers I have the following:

PUR000945 for £559.32 which is showing as "Approved" - ie in the system, payable but not yet paid

VPUR000945 for £559.32

I still owe HMRC £559.32 and when I pay it, it will allocate to PUR000945, but I will still have a VPUR945 as well.

Seems odd

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Hi Paul,

Unfortunately, this is the way the system is designed.

There are two ways to audit the account we have the general ledger and audit log. The voided list would, in fact, help auditor as it would show the changes made to invoices on the audit log, for example, if there is a missing number in the invoice sequence, they can locate it in the voided list.

I hope this has been helpful!

Thanks, Tommy

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