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Paid invoices not showing in recent transactions when explaining bank statement

Question asked by Kathryn Pollitt 4 years ago


I've been using CB for a few months with no issues. Today when trying to explain transactions on my bank statement, some (not all) customer invoices which I have processed as paid manually, are not showing up as recent transactions for me to reconcile.

I'm thinking it may just be transactions where the invoice has been paid in 2 stages, so the system is not finding a corresponding total.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Thanks Kate

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Hi Kathryn,

There is a limitation on the bank import tool which prevents you from reconciling payments to invoices that have more than one payment allocated or invoices that have a payment allocated to multiple other invoices.

The product team will be looking at this in future, however, in the meantime, you can manually reconcile the payment by heading to Moeny>Manage money clicking on the appropriate account:


Next find the transaction on the statement, tick the check box beside it and hit the reconcile button:


This should add a green tick beside the payment.

Finally, you can delete the payment on the imported statement.

I hope this helps for now.

Thanks John.

I did manage to figure it out and did exactly as you suggested. Glad to hear that the production team will be looking at this in the future as this issue will crop up quite often for me.

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