Is it possible to restore a closed account after free trial ends?

Question asked by Gregory Sanderson 6 years ago


Could you tell me if it is possible to restore an account from a backup file (I see you have your own custom format, .cbo, which presumably contains everything needed to do so)?

Only I'm not quite ready to upgrade to a full account and my free trial is about to end, so I was wondering if I make a backup/export, and the trial does end, can I later on create a new account, restore it and pick up where I left off?


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Hi Gregory,

You can indeed restore an account from a backup file, however it must be that same account you backed up. I recommend exporting the data into a .csv file, just in case you encounter problems i.e. your account has been purged after a long period of inactivity (.csv is the only format it will accept in this case). If you create a new account and upload information from an old Clear Books account onto it, you'll encounter problems in functionality. You can still use the login from your free trial account, if that is the one you wish to restore. You'll, of course, need to subscribe to be able to access your information.

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