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Mobile app for iPhone missing

Question asked by Vivienne Frankham 3 years ago

Has the Clearbooks iPhone app been removed? I've finally persuaded the other half to start taking pictures of receipts on a daily basis which is a huge help! However, he's just got a new phone and the Clearbooks app has disappeared. He has tried to download it from the app store but it's not there. Has something happened to it? How can he now get photos of invoices/receipts into Clearbooks?

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Sorry Vivienne,

Our mobile app was pulled some time ago - we are planning re-development as part of our roadmap (currently working on subscription with mobile, integrations and customer invoices to go).


The best way to send photos in bulk is to use the api email address:


Sadly won't be going for a subscription after really liking the trial because there is no iOS app.

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