Getting recurring purchase to show up in cashflow report

Question asked by Dan Brinnand 6 years ago

I want to build out a cash flow forecast, so I created a number of recurring purchases. But the only column showing anything in the Cash Flow report is Nov - the current month

Can anyone help?

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Hi Dan,

I am not sure if I have understood you correctly, but if you mean that you want to create several future dated bills and have them appear in the system now, then unfortunately the recurring invoice tool is not capable of this. It can only generate invoices on the current date or for past dates.

Future dated invoices or bills need to be created manually or imported.

The simplest way to create a number of future dated bills is probably to use the batch bill creator (Purchases > Bills > Create batch bills).

I hope this helps.

All the best.

Hi Dan - in addition to what Richard says, the cash flow report in CB is historic, based on actual cash flows, it's not a forecasting tool. What some people do however is to download a csv of the last year's cash flow report then play with that in Excel.

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