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Question asked by Gary mcnamara 12 years ago

Hi my accountant entered all my bank details and payments into clearbooks and then create the invoices to match these payments, but how do you allocate the payments to the invoices without having to recreate all the payments?

any help on this would be much appreciated

kind regards

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Hi Gary,

When you say your accountant created all your payments in to Clear Books - how did they exactly process these?

Only unallocated payments created on the Purchases>Money Out menu (or buy explaining a payment on an imported statement using the 'Trade Creditors' account) can be allocated to unpaid purchase invoices (bills).

All unallocated payments are listed on the Money>Banking>Unallocated Cash menu. The payments can be allocated to the unpaid bills from here by clicking on the allocate icon. Or alternatively you can allocate the payments by clicking on the bill ID on the Purchases>Bills>Unpaid menu and hitting the 'Allocate' button.

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