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Hi James - I assume you are referring to the Invoice theme you currently use? This can be edited and there are many new theme templates available to use, published by other users.

The theme formats and editing however are quite involved and a complete overhaul is usually only available if you pay someone to do some "CSS" editing.

The good news however is that CB are planning to release a new more modern and easier to use theme creator:


Have we got anywhere with this one? The invoices are horrible and I cant spend days looking for others. And anyway they are all based on the same theme.

Hi Jennifer,

As you can see, we have not yet got to the project that provides a 'drag and drop interface' for invoice themes. This is because larger projects have been prioritised since then.

I believe that our new roadmap is being worked upon at the moment, so I will once again put this forward for consideration.

So add invoice formatting to the mobile app and Stripe integration. Are roadmaps of any use if there isn't a car?


I can assure you that I have put those forward also.

Thanks Aran, yes all these things go forward, they always have done,.....but then they sort of stop or vanish, to be sent forward again in two years.

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