I need better access to the relationship between records

Question asked by Nicholas Meanley 5 years ago

Dear Support,

I need to do some heavy processing on the accounts data and I would rather not have to scrape all the data from the html so would it be possible to get a csv file of the payment table and the transaction table that the payment_id and the transaction_id in the invoice elude to.

There was a function to download the transactions but this seems to have disappeared from the export page.

Alternatively if you could send me a database dump I could work from that.


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Hi Nicholas - not sure if this is what you mean but the Transactions download is done from the Transactions report screen, rather than the export screen (which has a similar general ledger export).

The export screen does have a secret transaction report that you can download as a csv you just have to add a new option to the drop down list of TRANSACTIONS its more the payments table that I need.

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