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Question asked by Nicholas Meanley 6 years ago

Can you please document the list of values that the paymentMethod field takes in the API documentation.

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Hi Nicholas,

That value is dynamic and references an ID for a payment method so, unfortunately, we can't really list the possible values as it might be different for each company and sadly, we don't have an API for retrieving payment methods.

Hi, Is there any reason why there is no API call to retrieve payment methods ? At the moment, to attempt to use the API to create payments it appears I would have to create multiple payment methods for 1,2,3,etc then look up the resulting value in Clearbooks and then HARDCODE each CB method integer. Would it be that difficult to provide ? I can't believe it hasn't been addressed already.

(There are other products with APIs which have this basic functionality !)

regards, Iain

or include the CB paymentMethod id in the table in Money >> Payment methods

I have forwarded this to our developers who will work on this. It's a feature that our API should have and thank you for bringing it to our attention. We will try to prioritise it alongside our existing tasks but we're not able to say when at this time. I will inform you when I have an update.

Thank you for your prompt support. Iain

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