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Question asked by John Pemberton 8 years ago


I have a client who wants invoices emailed to him and also to his accountant for ad hoc work and also for his recurring invoices.

I have added the second email address in the contact but if it auto emails it only sends to the primary and if done manually you have to tick the box. Is there anyway of automating this? (apart from using something like Zapier to automate it and forward it from my email account!!)



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Sorry John,

Unfortunately, the auto senders only support sending to the primary contact address at the moment. Improvement to this feature has been much-requested - I shall update this post as soon as there is any future progress on this from our development team.


Yes this is much needed. I know in the to box for manually emailing the help box advises to separate email addresses with a comma but this cannot be done on the primary contact (presumably due to the email verification system that I have never used). If it could be done in primary contact, would that not flow through to the mailing module? Just thinking of an easy workaround.

Anyway in the meantime I will use Zapier to forward it from my email, unfortunately you don't have any integration with Zapier.

Rgds John

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