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Question asked by Adam Bent 5 years ago

Hi, I've just joined an organisation using Clearbooks which from what I can see, automatically picks a numerical code when a new nominal account is created. This would be fine except the company also uses Salesforce with a different numerical code and an external auditor with a further numerical code. I need to consolidate these numbers and knowing the auditor wont change their system, I need to amend Clearbooks and Salesforce. Is there a way to set up and amend the numerical code applied to nominal accounts? thanks Adam

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Hi Adam,

There's a toggle feature (Settings > Configure system > Toggle features) under the 'accounting' heading called 'tailored account codes'. If you ensure this is toggled on, when you go to edit any account code you'll get an additional box allowing you to enter your own code.

Genius! Great solution Michael. I can see the code has changed on the P&L. Is there a formatting for the P&L to populate by code rather than name?

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