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Restrict User to not see payroll information

Question asked by Michelle Crawford 4 years ago


We're due to have an office administrator join our team. I'd like them to help with book keeping but don't want them to see payroll information. (Our accountant processes payroll and it's added as a regular purchase then correctly assigned through a journal. We don't have the Clearbooks module).

I can set up a user role to limit which areas of the system they see but there appears to be no way I can restrict viewing previous payroll information. In user setup, permissions, I've set up the purchases to be full permission for Create Bills and Suppliers and removed permissions for List bills, Dividends, PO's and Bills paid to employees. This seems to remove functionality for the whole section.

Any ideas? Have I missed something?

Thanks Michelle

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Hi Michelle

There is no way I know to set up permissions to stop all the salary numbers in the books from being seen by someone you let into the books. If you used CB's own payroll you could restrict access to the payroll but then all the numbers flood into the books, person by person.

What a couple of my clients did in this respect was to separate out all the details and so, in your case, your accountant would create just global salary numbers in the books keeping individual details outside CB on their own payroll and spreadsheets.

With regard to paying the salaries, you set up a separate bank account and send the total sum over there each month, including the PAYE liability, then pay salaries & PAYE out of it. Again, this bank account can be in CB but will just show totals.

Hope that helps

Hi Paul

Huge thanks for the quick response and suggestions. Really appreciated.


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