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Question asked by James Montgomerie 5 years ago

Hi, I can visit my customer area and it shows the full list including the total number.

However, I realise that not all of these are "Actual" customers, because I create a new customer even when creating a new quotation.

Would it be possible to be able to edit customers so I could see which are actually ACTIVE customers, it's to give me a better idea of how many clients there currently are.

I don't want to delete the others that did not perhaps accept a quotation, but just have them as non-active.

Hope you understand what I mean, it would be helpful for a future feature/filter.

Many thanks.

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Hi James,

You can mark old inactive clients as 'archived'. To do this head to Contacts > Customers, select the edit contact option followed by archive button towards the top of the page. The archived status will then appear next to these customers.

These customers will still show in the customers area but will no longer appear in the drop down list when creating an invoice.

Hi Michael, yes I have been archiving clients but they still appear in the total number. It would just be a useful feature as I like to log customer growth.

Many thanks for your comment.

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