QUOTES - some improvements requested.

Question asked by Stanley Nykamp 6 years ago

Could I request a couple for the near future if possible please….

  1. QUOTES. When listing a quote on either of these categories:- “Draft” “Complete” “Invoiced” “Accepted” “Rejected” could you give the ability to sort these quotes by column or maybe give filter options to look at Sales Orders by customer. At the moment they automatically get sorted by date order which makes it difficult to group our Sales Orders and prioritize them.

  2. QUOTES. When creating a draft – could the drop down which gives the option of “QUOTE, ESTIMATE, PROFORMA INVOICE, SALES ORDER” be left at the last option e.g. SALES ORDER which is our most used type of QUOTE. So next time a quote is created it automatically defaults to the last one used.

  3. Emailing quotes – TEMPLATE. Please instruct or give the ability to change the word QUOTE on the email to Sales Order etc etc.

Great thank you

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Thank you, Stanley.

I will submit these for consideration.

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