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Question asked by Carrot 5 years ago

In the SOAP API it is possible to create an invoice (createInvoice), however there is no way to currently update or delete a draft. Is this something that is currently being worked on or could be worked on, as we are currently working on a system that is connected to the API and it would be useful if this was available.

Some methods that would be useful to us: • updateInvoice • deleteDraftInvoice • createQuote • updateQuote

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The development team have confirmed that 'the API only supports creating invoices, but not updating or modifying them. API improvements are not being worked on at the moment and I don't know if it will become a priority in the near future'

I have seen mention that you can use the mobile app interface to achieve this sort of thing. Is there any documentation on doing this?

I think this is an essential functionality and should be supported. Causing us problems implementing integration with the Clearbooks API.

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