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Question asked by Lhyam Sumal 5 years ago

Is it possible to set up a customer with a default discount rate? My business offers discounts to employees of the police and local authority and I'd like to be able to set up at the time of creating the customer's record that they are entitled to a 10% discount off invoices but I can't find a way to put this in place. Even if I could set a reference so that when an invoice is generated for the customer, it would show up that a discount should be applied even. Is this something that is possible or could be considered as a feature request?

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Hi Lhyam,

That's a nice idea - I have added it to the development feature request log to be reviewed.

If you really wanted a reference I have a workaround of sorts. You could set up a project (Tools>Projects) naming the project as the particular discount. Once you have done this you can apply this project to a customer so that each time a customer is selected it will display how much discount to apply in the project field.


Ah, that's perfect. That'll remind me to apply the discount without having to rely on the customer to prompt me!

Thanks for your help and for forwarding that as a feature request.

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