How do I change back to the old view?

Question asked by Nathaniel Cassidy 12 years ago

Not keen on the drop down function in the options section for Invoices, Quotes and Bills etc - it is adding an extra action where the icons were simply one click and done. So I'd like to revert back to the older view.

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Hi Nathaniel,

Agreed I'm not really a fan of that either I'm not sure if the drop down list will stay in, I will ask a developer for his response.

Just to let you know - you can revert back to the old theme at any time by clicking on the 'More' drop down list at the top of the menu and selecting the 'Labs' module.

Hi Nathaniel,

Thanks for the feedback. The Evo theme is very much an experimental theme and we are finding our way with improvements so your feedback is important.

We're trying to de-clutter the view and give more space in the table for data.

Are there particular icons you regularly click on? Are there some that can be tidied away?



I also don't like this new view I cant see at an instant if I have sent an invoice or not

This is also an issue for me. I can't tell if I've emailed an invoice to a client at a glance, and I can't see which purchases have had attachments added to them. At the end of my financial year, I like to go through all my purchases and add a scan or PDF of the original invoice. I now can't see which ones I have missed (which is usually quite a lot!).

I agree with Michelle etc. I flagged that as an issue last week and they said it was an oversight and would look into fixing it. I have noticed though that if an invoice is unsent the dropdown option is slightly narrower.

Hi guys,

Thanks for your feedback. We've just updated design and added a new column "status" to keep you informed about emails and attachments. We are still experimenting with the column "options" to give more space for the table data.

Please let us know if there is anything else that can be improved to speed up your workflow in Clear Books.


The bit that is missing for me is the HTML icon as I used to right click and open in new tab loads of these when I was searching through stuff. With the HTML bit being in a drop down now you can't right click the link!

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