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Question asked by Emily Symonds 7 years ago

Hi there,

I used to be able to mark a quote as invoiced, but unfortunately I can no longer see how you can do this. We often create multiple invoices based from one quote and would like to keep the approved quote history in the system for future reference. Has this feature been removed or has it been moved elsewhere?

Many thanks

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Hi Emily,

It is possible to mark a quote as invoiced only once the Draft Quote has been marked as Completed or Accepted. To mark a draft as completed, head to Sales > Quotes > Draft tab > Select the tick box for the relevant quotes > Mark as Complete > Then head to the Complete tab where you can mark the quotes as Invoiced or Accepted, please see the example below:




Great, thanks for this Tommy. I completely missed this.

Is there any way the layout can be changed?

Example why doe sit go from Draft, Complete, Invoice, Accepted, Rejected

Surely it should be Draft, Accepted, Invoice, Complete, rejected?

Hi Gareth,

I have raised this request with our Product team as low priority. The complete tab is actually just for a completed draft. Once the draft is completed, currently, the user can mark in any order of accepted, rejected or invoiced.


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