Set date format to include month in letters instead of number

Question asked by Martin Jones 5 years ago

I recently experienced a customer that was late in paying his invoice because he misread the due date of 03/01/2018 as 30/01/2018. It appears he is dyslexic and this surely must be a problem for other customers.

I have looked but can't see how we can change the date format to (eg) 3 Jan 2018 just so this is crystal clear.

This feature would also benefit those more familiar with the mm/dd/yyyy display (eg USA) and I'm rather surprised the option to set the date feature has not already been included.

Any plans to do this please?


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HI Martin,

At current, we do not support this feature, but I do appreciate you pointing this out to us and I understand your concerns. I will have logged this suggestion with our developers for review.

Thank you for the suggestion!


This would also be very helpful when invoicing to the US as they order dates MM/DD/YYYY

Tommy has "logged this suggestion with our developers for review" but I see from the forum that this request was also suggested a couple of years ago, with the same response.

Does "logging a suggestion" mean the same as "ignore as unimportant"?

Hi Martin,

We do have a large number of requests in our back log but are currently being prioritised and reviewed by our Management team. We do apologise for the delay, but are trying very hard to get this sorted as soon as possible.

I hope you understand, thanks!


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