recurring invoices and gocardless - a question

Question asked by Mike Ashworth 4 years ago


i have a question about how i can easily create recurring invoices automatically each month which are sent to the client and the payment from them is processed via gocardless.

here is whats happened so far.....

I have just set up go cardless as i wish to offer this option to clients as they were asking for DD.

I have set up my gocardless acocount via their website - all fully authorised, and ready to use.

The clients I work with pay a subscription each month.

What I am looking to do is that when i sign up a new client they will then received an invoice from me (via clearbooks) each month (created automatically / recurring) and then the money will get to me via direct debit / gocardless.

i've set up the integration with gocardless.

i presume i have to set up some kind of mandate approval with the client prior to sending out the first of the recurring invoices? then?

any help for thie newbie would be much appreciated. thankyou.

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Hello Mike,

Yes, the first step to organising the arrangement would be requesting a mandate with the client. Pleases see the link below.

Once this has been completed for the client you will need to set up a recurring invoice. This can be done by heading to Sales > Recurring > Create a new recurring invoice. Once here complete the form as needed, setting the occurrences field to match the length of the contract between yourself and the client, if this is to be indefinite then the occurrences can be set to the maximum 999 value. Please see the link below for reference.

Ensure that while generating the recurring invoice that at the bottom of the page GoCardless has been selected for the banking details, enabling a toggle option allowing for GoCardless to attempt to collect payment automatically upon invoice creation. An example can be found via the link below.

I hope this helps, Theo

hiya, thanks for your reply. i've now crated a recurring invoice (as approved - not draft). and emailed it to customer. i shall now keep an eye out for what happens next with regard to payment into my business bank account from gocardless and how this works with myt clearbooks being integrated with gocardless.

this is a completely new thing for me, so im using this first gocardless customer as a way to see how it all fits together etc

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