Void an unpaid invoice / ( due to cancelled order) included in previous year's VAT

Question asked by Malay Hirani 6 years ago

What would be best way to clear old an invoices where no money was paid and order was cancelled, but it was in our VAT submission? Can we just apply a Credit Note of total amount to that invoice? the date of credit note should be current or old?

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Hi Malay,

You may want to check with an accountant the best thing to do but you can indeed allocate a credit note to reverse the invoice (including the credit note in the next return) or you could potentially write off the invoices to bad debt (click on the invoice number and hit the Options link under the [ayment history table):



Hi John,

I had no idea those options - Credit, Write off, FX and Discount - even existed... and I've used CB for years! I've seen the options link thousands of times, but never thought to click it! I've even manually done write-offs against bad debts: this option would have certainly been easier.

A quick idea that may help users be aware of these options: how about always showing the options, along with Quick Pay, as a 'tabbed' section, comparable to the Manage money page under Money | Bank accounts. Here's a quick mock-up, with Credit selected:


The Quick pay option would remain the default option, but the other options being permanently visible would make them more accessible. Also, it would be good for the browser to remain scrolled down to the Payment history section when an option is clicked; at present, it jumps back to the top which is a bit confusing.

I'm happy to repost this in the Ideas section if that helps!

oh very nice, I like this! I think this could potentially be a quick front end change - I have just added a task to update now as this makes perfect sense to me

Hi Simon,

Wow - I'm very impressed! Thank you for taking the time and effort to preview your idea; I really like it!


John & Tommy: Thanks for your comments. Yes, hopefully it's an easy enough front-end change and would hopefully help users find/use the Credit / Write off etc. functionality.

Hi Simon,

Our developers have managed to make the change, again, we really appreciate your feedback and I personally think this change is beautiful!


Hi Tommy,

Great to see the change live already! Significantly less than a month from idea to implementation. Good work and well done, Team ClearBooks!


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