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Customers - Can't live with them etc

Question asked by Gerry Skews 2 years ago

I have a customer who requires an invoice summary between set dates. I am struggling to find it on the system.

I can find aged debtors, payments by customer by date, total income by customer by date but not a list of invoices by date by customer, I am looking in vain or does it exist somewhere in the murky depths of advanced user knowledge??



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Hi Gary,

Unfortunately, we do not have a specific report for this. However, you can send a customer statement which will display all unpaid and paid invoices. To do so, click on the customer name, then click Full Statement, you can then send either of the 3 links provided.

Alternatively, you can export the Sales Ledger by heading to Tools > Export > Export > Select the Date Range and the Sales Ledger as the data type. This will download a csv file whereby you can then filter by customer.


Hi Tammy

Thanks for this, Ill give it a go..


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