Change bulk bills from PUR to PAY ... Please help..!!

Question asked by David Gibbs 4 years ago

Hi all,

I have recently attempted to upload a mass of bills via csv file, once uploaded and bills created i have imported bank transactions via Yodlee and allocated the bank transactions to the bills making everything paid and balances etc in line.

Now for the issue, all the bills are account code CIS 20% but it seems i have created PUR bills rather than PAY bills, when running the CIS return via CB my return shows that no CIS payments have been made in this period, but i know there are around 100 a i have uploaded the bills via csv and allocated the transactions to those bills.

So i am under the assumption now that to show on the CIS return they need to be PAY bills rather than PUR?

Is there a way that i can easily go through these bills and change them to PAY rather than PUR so that they are showing in the correct ledger and the CB CIS return picks them up? i am hoping there is a way so i do not have to void all and start again.

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Hi David,

Paid bills, prefixed PUR, should be picked up by the CIS return (as well as PAY), as long as they are coded to one of the CIS account codes. Would it be possible to send your account details to contact support and we will investigate further and help you get this sorted.

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