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How can I post an opening balance to VAT Payable?

Question asked by Gill Rees 3 weeks ago

The VAT Payable account does not appear in the account code options. This is VAT due and payable from the quarter prior to starting on Clearbooks

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Hi Gill,

You can do that via the use of a journal. That would be the best way to post this.

All the best,


I agree but when I try to find the VAT Payable account it does not appear in the list of account codes

Just to clarify I am using Dashboard Opening Balancs - Other Balances

Hi Gill,

It would sound like you do not have show in sales and/or show in purchases set on the account code under Settings > Accounting > Account codes.

All the best,


No, there is no VAT Payable account available in the account codes. I tried to set one up and then it told me there was already an account with that name. It would also be logical that I could not set up the account since surely Clearbooks posts to this account automatically when the VAT Return is run?

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