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VAT Error

Question asked by Graham Logie 5 months ago

I have managed to assign the incorrect vat rate on a bill we paid. Should have been Zero and set at 20%. I have read the previous posts on solving this problem - creating zero value invoice with negative VAT but this falls down as I am getting the following message when I try to deallocate the money from the old invoice

Cannot deallocate payment from RECs, PAYs or refunds created via the bank explain tool. Please void the transaction to re-explain.

Cannot void as on VAT return so I am stuck.

Any ideas


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Hi Graham,

So for this one you don't need to void the bill. You will create a copy of the bill with all the same details, only with the values as negative. You will then recreate the original bill with the correct details. This is the best way to do correct this.

All the best,


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