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Question asked by colin pattrick 1 year ago

Can I ? I have CSV listing of my Paid Invoices Each Uniquely Numbered Invoice has Three Subtotals, Rated Parts, Rated Labor & Zero Rated Parts and displays Customer Number & Name, Method of Payment and Transaction Date None of the Subtotals are blank. £0.00 is displayed where appropriate. Currently the CSV listing is grouped as three consecutive lines, but can easily be changed to One line containing the three Subtotal fields. I can split the CSV file into a)Cash Payment and b)Bank Payments and do separate Imports

Q.1 Can I do a BULK Import Q.2 Can I open Two Accounts in Clear Books, "Petty Cash" and "Bank Account" and do two separate Imports Q.2 Are there any Limits to the Importation. Q.3 Can I import into "Petty Cash Account" and then transfer monies into "Bank Account"

"Great shame that Expenses cannot be Imported" Regards Colin Pattrick

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Hi Colin,

So to answer your questions:

Q1. You can bulk import invoices Q2. You can open two accounts in Clear Books and do separate imports to each. Q3. There are a few limitations but if you are just importing invoices or bills you are fine. Q4. You can yes. That is perfectly fine.

All the best,


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