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Is ClearBooks still developing?

Question asked by Jonathan 1 month ago

It seems to me that CB has stopped doing any significant development. There are a variety of quite important issues that have been raised over the years which CB don't appear to have tackled.

Am I alone in thinking this?

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Obviously I am - it's very empty in here nowadays.

Perhaps Xero a better alternative?

Hi Jonathan,

We are indeed still developing new features - is there something specifically that you are after? We have just released the mobile app which we will be iterating on a bit further over the coming weeks:


Unfortunately I’ve discussed new features several times to no avail and have had to start the process of moving to Xero

John Fouracre - There are just so many things lacking e.g. lack of customisation of purchase orders, STILL no facility for neatly inserting different delivery address in POs, lack of customisation capabilities in invoice templates, confusing use of directors current/loan account. And so on ...

There appears to be no interest in pursuing things customers really want. Personally I don't care about a mobile app, or the stupid layout "improvements" that were implemented and then changed a year or so back.

We are seriously looking to move to Xero. Obviously we're not alone in this ...

I'm really sorry to hear that! The mobile app was our top customer requested feature of all time. There are some further updates to be released on the app (including sales invoices) based on the feedback we received from the first release.

I have to agree though, there are a lot of features within Clear Books itself that need improving and we will be looking to do that this year based on all the feedback we have received. I can't guarantee this will include any of the features you mention, so would completely understand if you decide to leave.

Hi John

I've previously I've discussed with you Open Banking and Stripe links on invoices - both are quite basic features. Is there any update on those?


Sorry Dan, there are no updates on Stripe as this is not currently in any stage of development.

As for Open Banking, the date at which this is to be enforced slipped a bit so we re-adjusted the priority. We are currently working with Yodlee to get this implemented and will be ready in time for the new enforcement date which I believe is in March.

My requirements are basic and I believe that is also the case for most other bookkeepers and Accountants. End of year accounts management reports are not in the format that we need them. By all means keep what you have, because it looks nice, but here is what we really need.
A tab for Management accounts Micro business submission to Companies house and HMRC A tab for Management accounts Small business submission to Companies house and HMRC A tab for Management accounts Large business submission to Companies house and HMRC

These Management accounts should then be in the exact format that the questions are asked in HMRC accounts submission. In order to do this you need to put in extra standard codes. eg Directors Pension etc.

If you need help with the coding I am more than willing to do the work under contract in order to get Clearbooks back to being the best and first choice for Accounts.

Preparation and submission of annual accounts would be a great addition. We did look into adding options for micro entities and small businesses, however, other priorities then took over. It is something I hope we look at again in future. Thanks for the offer Sandy - although contracted development work is not something we offer.

I didn't expect you to go for the contractor work, but I can see the problems and having done firmware and software for years as an electronics Engineer I can see how the solutions should work with minor additions and copy and paste and tweak of existing code.

The information is almost all there, it just needs formatted in the same way that Companies house and HMRC ask for it. This would be a massive time saver and one step closer to direct downloads of accounts to HMRC.

For a small business the only accounts that matter are the VAT and annual end of year accounts.
The rest of the accounts are day to day and don't even need accounts software.

I have found that Excel is still the most efficient day to day tool, and the downloading tool in clearbooks with the mass updates is an excellent system.

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