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Cashflow activity

Question asked by Peter Gray 4 months ago

Currently if i open up a customer, i can see the last 12 months cashflow activity in a graph which is great, but i cant seem be able to expand this for 24-36 months or create a report for this.

Basically, I would like to be able to get a report to know 2018 I recieved xxx and 2019 i recieved xxx.

I can get figures by going through other things individually, but if i could extend this graph for a longer period we would know more.

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Hi Peter,

I believe you are using the graphs feature to do this. I'm afraid we only allow for a 1 year graph to be generated at present. My apologies. Can I suggest perhaps using the CSV export function to be able to export the data and produce a graph within Excel?

All the best,


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