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How to use Clear books for Restaurant business?

Question asked by Patryk Sikorski 3 months ago

I Own small Restaurant and i want to do my own bookkeeping to have deeper insight in my business, But i don't know how to set up sales in Clearbooks and Purchase. I use Cash, SumUp, and also Delivery systems like JustEat, Deliveroo, UberEats, and local Owl Get It. I understand Double Entry systems but when I do the sales in Clearbooks i do Invoice and then i have to pay for it? so this is like double entry system, do I understand that correctly? So should I use invoice for each item i sell? or do Daily Sales invoice? Even then when I go to Dashboard I don't see this sales in Sales it show £0.00

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Hi Patryk,

As you are a restaurant you can do a daily sales total. That is perfectly fine. You would see £0 on the dashboard as it only shows outstanding invoices, which you would not have.

All the best,


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