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Question asked by Tina Regler 3 weeks ago

Good Morning, I am still quite new to Clear Books and have noticed that my balance on the dashboard is considerably different to that of my actual bank balance. How can I rectify this to give a clearer snapshot?

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I know what Tina means and it is frustrating

The bank balance only tallies up with what is actually in your bank when you've explained the transactions which appears to be a backward approach.

In my opinion and the same as freeagent and quickbooks the bank balance is excatly that - it shows your bank balance (or it should do anyway!)

Hi Gareth,

The reason for this is that Clear Books does not consider transactions as transactions until they have been explained.

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Fair enough but if you only do the accounting once a week or fortnightly as we do then the figures are going to be off and also misleading particularly if you're close to the overdraft limit for example but don't actually realise.

Hi Gareth,

If you are having difficulties with the bank explain, feel free to email and I'll be happy to take a look further into this for you and see if we can help make things little easier. Otherwise, the bank explain screen is something that we are looking to improve soon and I have logged your feedback for consideration.

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Thanks Mohamed for the guide and also to Gareth :)

However, I realised that the bank explain tool shows the transactions in order of amount i.e. smallest to largest, which bank statements don't. This threw me for a while as I was back tracking up and down a lot. I then realised and sorted my statement in order for each segment/date of debit and credits. This then made it much easier to check off against both Clear Books and my statements.

I still have an issue....... All transactions are correct but the balance is still out on every transaction from when we started in April. Although, Clear Books drew down statements from 11 March. Even checking back to that date the balance is still out. I will email Support for assistance.

Thanks again Tina

Hi Tina,

No problem. We'll be sure to help out where we can.

All the best,


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