how to restart fresh account with all new from zero start entries

Question asked by koser shafiq 6 months ago

Hi I would like to end my years all shop trade entries at the end of the august 2020 {which is my year end business account period } since past few years has been my learning and keeping my shop bookwork there are lots of figures in banking bookwork I cant understanding of building up , so rather would like to start fresh as from September 2020 so can you advice me what is the best way forward to clear all accounts and star fresh as i use banking entries. if not then how to clear all banking figures to start new fresh year figures

please advice me in some clear guidance full information as possible as i am still learning and understanding this software.

I will be so great full

yours sincerely

Mr shafiq

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Hi Kosher,

You can reset your account by heading to the Building Icon (top right) > Reset account. Please note: this will delete all data from the account, if you require the historic data, I would advise exporting before resetting by heading to Tools > Export > Export > Select the different data types required. Otherwise, you can subscribe to a dormant plan under the Building Icon > Subscriptions > Manage subscription, which will give you read-only access at £2 per month and create a new account.

Once you've reset the account, you can then specify the new accounting period you wish to start afresh from.


Thank You So Much Tommy For Your Reply I have now reset my account {fresh} I do not require any historical data . since joining clear book accounts my book keeping has also been my learning process . there was lots of initial entries causing me confusion and misunderstanding . how I now started fresh yearly account.

my question is tommy when my quarterly vat becomes due in October will I be able to submit it as I have been in past or do I have to arrange any further registration confirmation to clear books platform or HM REVENUE

I want to know can I just carry on normal from now on since I reset fresh start to my accounts.

Thank you

Hi Koser,

No problem at all!

Yes, you will be able to submit MTD returns as per normal under Tax > VAT > VAT Return. When heading to this page, you may be asked to set up a HMRC contact, simply just click Add. You can start afresh and continue recording your sales and purchases.


That's Great Tommy

Thank You So Much

Yours Sincerely

Mr Shafiq

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