Multiple invoice remittance prior to bank posting

Question asked by Gemma Martin 4 years ago

I have suppliers asking for remittance for payments made either before they receive the funds or on the same day. Since my bank feeds take a day to feed through, this is not currently possible. I need to go in and allocate the multiple invoices to the payment in the bank before I can send remittance. Is there a way of combining invoices for one remittance before the payment comes out of the bank? Sometimes there will be dozens of invoices all attached to the same payment so I need them all to appear on one remittance.

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Hi Gemma,

I'm afraid there is no way to combine unpaid items into a remittance. You can manually mark entries as paid and then reconcile the bank feed to the manual payments.

All the best,


Ok, thanks for the update.
This is something that would be useful as the bank feeds aren't completely live.

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