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Question asked by Chris Bates 4 months ago

Hi, I've been using Clearbooks for a few years but only on a basic level as I'm a 1-person business.

When going through my latest bank transactions in the Import Statement page, I decided to allocate invoices not by clicking 'allocate to existing invoice' button with the corresponding invoice, but instead by assigning the receipt figure to the specific project, and then clicking the 'Add New Transaction' button. I did this so I could track the end value of each project more easily.

However having now gone back to my 'unpaid invoices' tab, all those reconciled invoices are still showing as Unpaid, so clearly the software hasn't recognised them to the transaction.

What is the simplest way to rectify this, and how can I assign values to projects in the future (since it seems this way doesn't work) ?

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Hi Chris,

The only way to rectify this would be to delete the payment you created and then go back and reconcile via the allocate feature. The easiest way to track the projects would be to select the project under the invoice. The payment would then be allocated to the invoice and thus the project also.

All the best,


OK that's great, thanks Mohamed I'll go and do this. Chris

Hi Chris,

You're welcome. Have a lovely day.

All the best,


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