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Question asked by Pavlina Kiakides 6 months ago


I've been using Clearbooks for a few years and am at the point where I don't have time to do my bookkeeping. Is there a list of bookkeepers who know how to use Clearbooks proficiently?

Apologies if this is answered elsewhere already.

Thanks P

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Hi Pavlina,

I am afraid we do not have such a list. My apologies.

All the best,


Recommend: David Hasley of / Cygnus Accounting Ltd

Hi Gary,

I just wanted to mention that we don't recommend personal details be posted on the community. I have edited your post to remove the email you posted. It's better safe than sorry where emails are concerned. Thank you for the recommendation though!

All the best,


I would suggest checking out the clear books accountant directory as this would allow you to see clear books firms in your area, but this seems to have vanished off the clear books website

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