Transaction Report - 'ptype' field - explanation of different categories

Question asked by Anna Averna-Joint 6 months ago


Just wondered if there's somewhere I can find out what the definition is for the following 'ptype' categories on the transaction report: BP = ? BR = ? SL = sales ledger? PL = purchase ledger? EX = ? JD = ?

I'm trying to use the transactions report for a specific project, to create a definitive list of income and expenditure. I feel I can't trust the system reports as they seem to be missing transactions where lines have been split over different projects.

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Hi Anna,

They are the following.

BP = Bank payment BR = Bank receipt EX = Expense JD = Journal debt JC = Journal credit

You are correct that lines split over multiple projects would not be guaranteed to appear correctly on this. So take it with a pinch of salt I would say and do due diligence. Please note this only applies to the cashflow report. Other reports will be perfectly fine.

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Thanks Mohamed - super quick and helpful as always

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