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Question asked by Mafalda Vilhena 4 months ago

Hi there,

Is there a way to set the holiday entitlement as a standard of 25 day for every one in one go, instead of adding this manually to each employee? And can I set a date for the holidays that roll over to expire in case the employee doesn't use his previous holiday entitlement by a certain date? A

Also I have set the holiday entitlement to be 25 days for this year and it shows an overall of 28 for an employee who started in February.

Our holiday year starts on the 19th April.

Thank you,


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Hi Mafalda,

Yes, you can do you by heading to Settings > Year > Manage > Set the holiday entitlement. The rollover holiday date will be based on the HR years set up.

Regarding the last query, would you be able to email in your company name and the employee in question to contact support please?


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