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Question asked by Pete 4 weeks ago

I have imported services, one from US and one from Germany. These are distribution companies for digital distribution , ie a charge for submitting audio files to iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify etc. (all of whom you must go through such an approved aggregator service.)

I was wondering how to explain these for bank imports.

The US one obviously has no VAT, the German one has 0% VAT.

So on my explanation for both I have put 0% VAT and treatments as Services Imported - Reverse Charge

Both have gone into Cost of Sales.

Is this correct? Thanks

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Hi Pete,

So for both you would select services imported, that is correct. As for the rate, I believe you would select whatever the rate would have been had this have been a UK supply. (I believe this is 20%). I would advise checking with an accountant, however, just to ensure all is correct.

All the best,


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