Payroll - Pension contributions calculations.

Question asked by Gary Smith 2 years ago

I think I am being particularly thick here so I apologise for posting this.

An employee, an apprentice, earns £317.75 gross wages. There is no commission or bonus so the gross wages should equate to pensionable earnings.

The payroll system is set up so that the employee pays 5% and the employer 3%.

This should mean that the employee should pay £15.88 but the payroll calculates it as £7.91. It should also mean that the employer should pay £9.53 but the payroll calculates it as 5.94.

Where am I going wrong?

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Hi Gary,

In order to look into this, would it be possible to send us a message via the Need Help? button located at the top right when you are logged into your account please?



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