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Question asked by Sue Reekie 8 months ago


I am trying to retrospectively download the asset register as at the year end to support the figures I have in the accounts (for the accountant). However, the download seem to constantly include figures as at today's date.

I have tried using both the period and the to/from dates to limit the data to the last financial year but neither appear to be working.

What am I doing wring, please?


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Hi Sue,

Unfortunately, the Fixed Asset register export will just export the latest fixed asset data.

To view the depreciation to a specific date, you must head to Tools > Fixed Assets > Input the date in the Depreciation To field > Find. The system will then generate the Estimated NBV in the table below based on the date entered.


Ok, thanks

So, how do I get a list of all assets showing opening balance, additions, depreciation in the year and accumulated depreciation as at the year end (in my case 31 August) for the accountant?

I've tried restoring a backup that I have from 4 September (so I could run the asset register export) but that seems to have just created another query are the restore didn't seem to work, but I got another back up sent to me.



Hi Sue,

In this case, you can use the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss report under Reports > Popular reports to obtain the depreciation and accumulated depreciation figures.

The backup feature is a legacy feature as we have changed the way we handle backups. We now take daily backups for up to 30 days which we can restore the account to.


Thanks Tommy

Getting the totals isn't the problem. What I need is the list of the detailed assets to back up the totals for me to give to the accountant. Unfortunately I didn't realise that you can't generate that report retrospectively.

I had hoped to restore to 31 August (I have the back up file), run the reports and then restore again to yesterday but the technical team tell me it would take too much of their resources.

I guess it is a leaning point for next year!


Hi Sue,

I see, have you tried heading to Tools > Fixed Assets > Input the date in the Depreciation To field > Find. Does this generate the figures you're after?


Unfortunately not & even if it did I can't see a way that I could then download it.

I'm manually adjusting the asset register download from today at the moment and have made a note to run the asset register download on 31 August next year.

Thanks for your help


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