Is anyone using Auto Bills?

Question asked by Gareth Ricketts 3 months ago

I think Auto Bills will be of benefit to my company and the costs look reasonable.

What are other people's experiences with this additional service?

Any tips to maximise my 30 day trial?

As an aside, if an invoice from a supplier includes say 55 line items and the 'import' is only pulling through 1 line, do I really need to input 55 lines into Clearbooks from a bookkeeping/accounting perspective? Or if the attachment is added anyway then surely if the totals and the VAT matches it will suffice?

So far, my imports aren't recognising multi lines....

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Hi Gareth

Auto Bills is a popular add on, with more and more people taking it up each month. Hopefully some of them will respond with their experience, but in the meantime I wanted to jump in with some answers to your questions.

With regard to multiple line items, we don't extract those yet, but it is something we want to bring out. You can put in every line on an invoice/receipt if you want to, but you don't have to. One example where you might want to is if each item on the bill is for a different account code or project. Otherwise, if all items are for the same account code/project, only one line is required.

As you mention, the image/PDF is attached to that bill in Clear Books, which you can come back to at anytime.

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