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Question asked by Grace Heathfield 3 months ago

Hi everyone,

I'm completely new to ClearBooks payroll and am wondering what happens (when processing the pay-run) when I click the COMPLETE button. Can I undo anything that may be incorrect after I have pressed the button?

Thanks very much

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Hi Grace,

Welcome to Clear books! And yes, once you have completed the payslip, there will be an option to undo this if there are any errors.


Sorry, one more thing...

If I don't complete does it revert to draft or will I have to re-do it completely?

Hi Grace,

If you don't click complete, no payslips would be processed. Once you undo a payslip, you can re-do it at any time.


If you click the green tick next to the word undo you can go in and edit the payroll entry before you click complete.

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