Is there a way to copy an invoice theme without publishing it?

Question asked by Tim Beard 12 years ago

I want to create a standard template and then create variations based on it. I realise I could publish it and then download a copy each time I wanted to create a variation, but would prefer not to have to make it public. Ideally the invoice set as default would be the starting point when creating a new one. Or on the Create screen you can choose one of your invoice themes as a starting point.


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Hi Tim,

Currently it is not possible to set one of your invoice themes as a default starting point for new themes. The network is the best place to post the idea though, hopefully it will be popular with other Clear Books customers which will result in it being pushed up the roadmap.


OK, thanks. I'll use that approach. Just wanted to check I wasn't missing something obvious first.

Has anything changed on this or can we still not do this?

Unfortunately there is no change here - you can try copying the CSS code from the advanced styling tool and paste in to the advanced styling tool of the new account.


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