Multiple Companies under Single VAT Group

Question asked by Andy Gambles 9 years ago

We have a single company set-up in Clearbook which we have been experimenting with. We are about to wipe and start using Clearbooks real world.

However we also have a 3 companies within a single VAT group which means they share VAT numbers and VAT return.

If I wanted to do all 3 companies accounting through Clearbooks what is the best way to do this? Three seperate companies? Do you support company groups?



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Hi Andy,

It's advised that you set up three different Clear Books accounts if you have three separate companies.

However, if they share the same VAT numbers and return you could set them up as 'Projects' (Tools>Projects). A project can be anything you need it to be: a cost centre, a person, a division. Whatever it is, you can gain a profit & loss and cashflow report on each individual project.

You'd also be able to set up different invoice themes to represent each company.

Warm regards,


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