Why no updates to GoCardless integration?

Question asked by Jodie Roberts 9 years ago

Since the integration of GoCardless, why has no improvements/updates been made?

I have now stopped using the integration and using gocardless website manually to collect the Invoice values, as the intergration in clearbooks leaves at lot to be desired.

No Pay by direct debit button on PDF invoices
Can only set pre authoirsaton amounts up and limited, also complicated to send the customer a statement link and explain what they have to click on and do.
Way too messy and time consuming - easier through gocardless, send a link in an email, sets up a DD upto the max £5k per month (not limit set by customer) ability to put on set payment plan and pay one off invoices, easy!

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Hi Jodie,

Thanks for your feedback. We will be reviewing our Gocardless integration in the near future. Hopefully we can persuade you to try it again.



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