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Question asked by Alex Redmond 8 years ago

Some of my clients incur expenses that they then re-charge to their customers.
The ideal solution would be to be able to tag part or all of a purchase invoice as re-chargeable (to a specific customer).
It should then be possible to add these re-chargeable expenses to a customer invoice with a couple of clicks.
If this is not available, is there any other way of achieving the same result, i.e. being able to see which expenses need to be re-invoiced to a customer.

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Hi Alex,

We have a report that allows you to view all expenses and then turn selected ones into an invoice. This help guide explains how to use this feature:

In terms of tagging expenses as you go along I would suggest creating a project which can be assigned to each expense/bill. You can then filter the report described in the above help guide by project to pull back all the expenses and bills that you specifically want to recharge.

To set up projects please read this help guide (you can assign projects to invoices, bills, expenses):



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