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How do I write off an invoice to bad debts? I don't have the 'options' link by the payment history.

Question asked by David Anstiss 7 years ago

How do I write off an invoice to bad debts? I don't have the 'options' link by the payment history.

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Hi Tim,

One invoice is part-paid, but the other is unpaid, and still no options menu that I can see.



Hi, yes both invoices include CIS deductions. I'll create a ticket now.


I see yes - the auto write off and credit options have been disabled on CIS invoices. Writing off an invoice in Clear Books is in affect applying a credit note - so the work around for now would be to manually create a credit note on the Sales>Invoices>Credit notes menu. You can then apply this by clicking on the invoice number and scrolling down to the available credit notes to apply. Choose the amount and allocate.

OK, just tried to create the credit note but because it's a CIS account, it won't let me. It says, "For CIS account types you must void invoice and create a new one." Is this something that can be dealt with via a journal entry? Could I credit trade debtors and debit bad debt provision?

Very interesting. We should be able to write off to bad debts without raising credit notes, with and without CIS. Would appreciate it if someone from CB's could post an example of this using a journal.

Hi John / Tim,

Please could you respond to this query?

Thanks, Dave

That bad debt link is now a broken link. I'm looking for a solution to this issue

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