How to match imported statement with existing transactions

Question asked by Andy Gambles 9 years ago

I may be missing how you do this. If I import a bank statement the "Explain" option only allows me to create new bank transactions. It does not allow me to match it to entries that are already in Clearbooks.

How can you do this?

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Hi Andy,

You can allocate any payments or receipts to unpaid invoices using the guide below:

Or if you have allocated payments to the invoices manually you can reconcile the paid invoices with the payments/receipts on the imported statement:

I have to say that seems a very inefficient way of doing this. Some of the statement descriptions are not great so it might not be possible to tell who the payment was made from/to on that screen and you then have to jump out to the invoices/suppliers to see which ones were for that amount and around that date.

FreeAgent has a much cleaner method of doing this. Auto matching passed on date and amount then you just approve. Otherwise it just shows you the current unreconciled transactions in FreeAgent and you tick which one it is.

Clearbooks method is very clunky.

Andy - I agree and it has caused me untold problems to the point I have been reluctant to use Clearbooks for a few weeks which is a shame as I was really impressed. My problem also arose from importing a statement in CSV to reconcile against allocated expenses and paid invoices.

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