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Question asked by Claire Hennessy 8 years ago

Over the month I purchases materials on credit with different suppliers. At the end of that month I will pay the supplier for all the goods. Since I have recorded the materials on an individual basis it seems I have to then add separate payments to them all which is quite timely. I know there is an add payments function but I can't quite understand how it works. Can it be used to clear individual items in one go rather than having to go into each purchase separately.


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Hi Claire,

There are two ways of doing this:

Head to Money>Manage money and create a money out transaction (or import a statement and explain the payment). Use the guide below to link the payment to the unpaid bills (from Step 4):


Or alternatively head to Purchases>Money Out and create the payment received - you will then be taken to an allocation screen showing this payment and any unpaid/part paid bills for the supplier. Make sure the appropriate payment is selected and type in the amount to be allocated to each bill in the box under the 'Allocate payment' column. Hit the allocate button to complete.

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